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Wildflowers and Waterfalls

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Snow and rain set the stage for magnificent waterfalls and vibrant wildflowers throughout the Eastern Sierra. In Mono County, waterfalls typically surge in early spring, which is usually when the wildflower season is just getting started (flowers tend to peak mid to late summer). If the timing is

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Welcome to the Eastern Sierra Spirits and Ale Trail, where the artistry of craft brewing and distilling intertwines with the rugged beauty of the Eastern Sierra, creating a sensory adventure like no other. A collaboration created in 2023, the Trail includes eight establishments from Bishop to

The Eastern Sierra of California has long been an iconic destination. From the indigenous Paiute people to early gold miners of Bodie, this area has attracted and enchanted wanderers and wonderers of all types. This larger-than-life landscape of deserts and mountains, alpine forests, and spectacular

Labor Day Weekend Events

Thursday, August 31, 2023

This Labor Day weekend, take a break from work to celebrate with one of the many things to do in Mono County.

Try one of the many fun events listed below or check out our full events page for all things happening in the area.


Do Yoga in Nature

Wake up and refresh yourself with

The dramatic scenery of Mono County’s Eastern Sierra is the stuff that Instagram dreams are made of... silver granite peaks, white snowfields, evergreen forests, golden high desert landscapes, crystal-clear waters and a stunning western sky all come together with a dash of history and magic to