California’s Eastern Sierra

Mountain Manners

Like all parents, Mother Nature loves good manners!

 Everyone knows the Golden Rule "Take only photos; leave only footprints" but here are a few other Mountain Manners etiquette tips to help protect the Eastern Sierra:

MANNER #1: Follow the Beaten Path
Straying from designated paths can cause harmful erosion, so we ask you to take the road most traveled.

MANNER #2: Scoop the Poop
Your #2 is becoming our #1 issue. If it's your pet's please pick it up and pack it out! If it's your own, bury your business at least 6-8 inches deep (and pack out TP).

MANNER #3: Don't Mess with Fire
Follow all the fire regulations and make sure your campfire is absolutely and completely out before you leave it. Don't build a fire in windy conditions; trust us - one spark can destroy it all.

MANNER #4: Gather Up Garbage
Even if it's not yours, please pack out litter! Nothing makes Mother Nature happier. Remember, food scraps like orange peels are litter, too.

MANNER #5: Don't Feed the Bears
Or deer, birds, chipmunks, etc. Please keep yourself - and your food - out of the reach of wildlife. Store all food in bear boxes or bear-proof containers, NOT in your vehicle.

MANNER #6: Remove Fishing Line and Hooks
Fishing hooks and tangled line are dangerous to wild animals, birds, fish, pets and kids. Please remove this litter from the water and shoreline and pack it out.

MANNER #7: Keep Invasive Species Out
Take all steps to keep invasive species from spreading and destroying our lakes, streams, rivers and meadows.


Thank you for your stewardship of the Eastern Sierra!


And very special thanks to the Gunnison Valley/Crested Butte stewardship team for letting us borrow from their Mountain Manners program.