California’s Eastern Sierra

Fall Colors

Visit one of America's Best Fall Foliage Forests!

Mono County and the surrounding Eastern Sierra provide the best show of glowing golden-orange-crimson fall colors in the western United States. Our natural landscape in the Eastern Sierra, where rugged granite canyons are carved by rushing streams and framed by an azure sky, offers a spellbinding contrast of colors during autumn. Travel to Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes, the June Lake Loop, Yosemite (Tioga Pass), Lundy Canyon, Bridgeport, Sonora Pass and beyond to see fall colors at their finest.

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Fall Colors in Mono County


Updated October 18, 2017 - Pictures below report (This page is updated weekly every Wednesday) 

Last call for Fall Colors in Mono County! 

Many places are ripe with Fall Color right now and it won't be much longer before we have to say goodbye to some of our favorite foliage destinations. This week will be your last chance to see places like Lower Rock Creek Road, McGee Creek Road, Convict Lake, Conway Summit, Lundy Canyon, Summers Meadow Road, Twin Lakes Bridgeport and Lower Lee Vining Canyon. 

A wind event is predicted to hit the Eastern Sierra over the next few days but we will certainly have Fall Color that will last until the end of October. The West Walker River, June Lake Loop and the towns of Walker, Coleville and Topaz are notorious for having great color into November and should be on your "to-see" list for next week.

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0-10% - Just Starting
10-50% - Patchy
50-75% - Near Peak (Go Now!)
75-100% - Peaking (GO NOW!)
Past Peak - (You Missed It)


Monitor Pass (8,314') - Past Peak
Lobdell Lake Road (8,600') – Past Peak
Walker Canyon (5,200')- 75-100% GO NOW! - The banks of the West Walker River are lined with gold! Take the Little Walker River Road to Obsidian Campground for additional leafy delight. 
Towns of Walker & Coleville - 50-75% Go Now! - The big cottonwoods along US 395 are coming along nicely and should be perfect even after the storm this weekend. Head up to Topaz Lake for spectacular lake shots. 
Sonora Pass (9,623')- Past Peak


Twin Lakes (7,000') -  75-100% GO NOW! - Still great color along Upper and Lower Twin lakes and down Robinson Creek into the campgrounds. 
Virginia Lakes (9,819’) – Past Peak
Conway Summit (8,143')- 100% GO NOW! - Only a few groves still standing at Conway Summit this morning. It still has some great photo opps but likely won't last long. 
Summers Meadow (7,200') - 100% GO NOW!  - The majority of this spectacular valley is past peak but you can still find sections of wonderful color. 


Tioga Pass & Lee Vining Canyon (9,943') - 75-100% GO NOW! - The upper elevations of Tioga Pass are now past peak but lower Lee Vining Canyon all the way down to Mono Lake are ripe with color. 
Lundy Lake & Canyon (7,858')- 75-100% GO NOW! - Lundy Canyon Trail is now past peak and the leaves were barely hanging on at the beaver ponds but there is still wonderful color along the road and campground. 


Sagehen Summit (8,139’) – Past Peak


June Lake Loop/Hwy 158 (7,654') - 75-100% - GO NOW! We were at the June Lake Loop this morning and it's simply spectacular with peaking color all around the loop. Go now before the storm hits! 
Parker Lake (8,000') - Past Peak


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Mammoth Lakes Basin (8,996') - 75-100% Go Now!  - Good color still around town and at the Snowcreek Ponds but past peak in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.


McGee Creek Canyon (8,600’) – 75-100% Go Now!  - McGee Creek Canyon is now past peak but there is terrific color along the road and pack station.
Around Crowley community (6,781') - 75-100% Go Now! Full peak around the US 395 elevation from Tom's Place to McGee Creek. 
Convict Lake (7850') 75-100% GO NOW!  - Full Peak to past peak as you will find great color all around the lake with patchy section of leaves that have fallen off. 


Rock Creek Road (9,600’) – 75-100% Go Now!  – Peak colors at the lower levels of Rock Creek Road down to Tom's Place. The upper sections of the road are all now past peak.