California’s Eastern Sierra

Fall Colors

Visit one of America's Best Fall Foliage Forests!

Mono County and the surrounding Eastern Sierra provide the best show of glowing golden-orange-crimson fall colors in the western United States. Our natural landscape in the Eastern Sierra, where rugged granite canyons are carved by rushing streams and framed by an azure sky, offers a spellbinding contrast of colors during autumn. Travel to Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes, the June Lake Loop, Yosemite (Tioga Pass), Lundy Canyon, Bridgeport, Sonora Pass and beyond to see fall colors at their finest.

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Fall Colors in Mono County


**This page will be updated every Wednesday until all the leaves have fallen! ** Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily reports. Please be be responsible when exploring these areas. Do not park or set up a tripod in the middle of the road. Please pull over at safe and designated areas on the highway and on dirt roads. 

October 23, 2019: Peak to past peak will be the theme in Mono County over the next several days. Lots of color to still be found with the majority of destinations rapidly approaching past peak.

Crowley Lake, Lower Lee Vining Canyon, Lower Rock Creek from US 395 to Paradise and Antelope Valley are the only four locations that fall into the 75-100% GO NOW category. These late achiever destinations will be vibrant for the next 7-10 days with Antelope Valley and the towns of Walker, Coleville and Topaz having the only shot to make it into November. 

The June Lake Loop, Twin Lakes Bridgeport, Lundy Canyon, and Convict Lake are all mostly past peak with groves of vibrant color that might be gone by Monday. We would put all these locations at 100% with the weekend being the last opportunity to find a few peaking trees.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Next week will be our last report of the season. Enjoy the last few remnants of fall in the Eastern Sierra! 

0-10% - Just Starting
10-50% - Patchy
50-75% - Near Peak (Go Now!)
75-100% - Peaking (GO NOW!)
Past Peak - (You Missed It)


Monitor Pass (8,314') - past peak
West Walker River, Walker, Coleville and Topaz (5,200') - 75-100% Go Now!- Mostly past peak along the West Walker River. The best peak colors will be found in Antelope Valley and the towns of Walker, Coleville and Topaz. Mill Canyon Road was still hanging on as of today but should be past peak by the weekend.
Sonora Pass (9,623') - past peak.


Twin Lakes (7,000') - 100% - Vibrant color here over the weekend with sections of past peak along Robinson Creek and around the lake. 
Virginia Lakes (9,819’) - Past Peak.  
Conway Summit (8,143) - past peak
Summers Meadow (7,200') - Past peak


Tioga Pass (9,943') - past peak. 
Lee Vining Canyon (6,781') - 75-100% GO NOW! - The best color can be found closer to Lee Vining, around the town and down into Mono Lake.
Lundy Lake & Canyon (7,858') - 100% - Mostly past peak with the best color in the campground and closer to US 395.


Sagehen Summit (8,139’) - Past peak.


June Lake Loop/Hwy 158 (7,654') - 100% Mostly past peak at Gull Lake and Silver Lake but still a lot of vibrant color around Grant Lake. Worth the drive over the next few days but could be gone by Monday.


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Mammoth Lakes Basin (8,996') - Past Peak 


McGee Creek Canyon (8,600’) - past peak
Around Crowley community (6,781') - 75-100% GO NOW! Great color around the community and Toms Place right now! 
Convict Lake (7850') - 100% - Mostly past peak but decent color in sections around the lake and in the campground. 


Rock Creek Road (9,600’) - 75-100% GO NOW! Upper Rock Creek road from Tom's Place is completely past peak. Take the Lower Rock Creek Road from US 395 down to Paradise for the last remaining color in the region. 

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