Yosemite Half Dome

Important Info for 2024

Important information for anyone planning to visit Yosemite National Park, Reds Meadow and Devils Postpile, and/or June Lake beach this year.

California’s Great Beyond

Ice Climbing

Mono County has a few solid choices for those who wish to keep climbing after winter arrives. There are three main options for ice climbing in the area with hallowed routes on the June Lake Loop, in Lee Vining Canyon and in Lundy Canyon. All three are relatively easy to reach and offer consistent ice in some of the sweetest spots you can climb in the winter.

Ice climbing is, of course, more dependent on ideal weather conditions than most sports, so it’s extremely important to do your research before going ice climbing. A variety of local pros always know the conditions best and can provide guides and the proper gear you need for a safe and fun day climbing the frozen waterfalls of the Eastern Sierra.

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