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Fishing & Stocking Reports

Stocking Reports:

The 2021 Mono County Trout Stocking program starts about two weeks before opener and will continue all summer throughout 21 bodies of water in Mono County. 

Sustainable Fishing: Think "catch and release." A healthy Mono County fisheries system needs healthy fish. Keep only what you need release the rest to reproduce, grow, and become a Trophy Trout. 

Fick Stocking

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Fish Planting Schedule
Sotcher, Starkweather and San Joaquin River, Middle Fork are listed under Madera County. For recorded information, call (855) 887-1275. 

Fishing Reports from the Experts:

Western Outdoor News - Eastern Sierra's most comprehensive, current fishing report
Ken's Sporting Goods - Experts on Bridgeport waters and surrounding area 
Performance Angler's (Facebook)
Sierra Drifters - Up-to-date, detailed reports on Crowley Lake, Owens River, Hot Creek & more
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FishMammoth.Com / Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

EXTERNAL REPORTS: - updated reports from all over the Eastern Sierra.  Fish reports directly from the local guides, tackle stores, marinas and more!

Marinas and Lakes Fishing Reports:

Crowley Lake
Convict Lake 
Gull Lake - June Lake Loop
Silver Lake - June Lake Loop
Bridgeport Reservoir
Walker River
Virginia Lakes Resort
Topaz Lake

Live Webcams:

Crowley Lake
Silver Lake - June Lake Loop
Gull Lake - June Lake Loop
Bridgeport Reservoir

Analytical Reports:

Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Program
Crowley Lake
East Walker River (Stream Gaging)
Owens Valley Flow Reports

Quagga Mussel Prevention - Crowley Lake Read here about the efforts by Caltrout and the CADFW to help restore the native and very drought-resilient Lahontan Cutthroat Trout