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Fishing & Stocking Reports

Stocking Reports:

The Mono County trout stocking program starts about two weeks before opener (last Saturday in April) and continues all summer throughout 21 bodies of water in Mono County. 

Sustainable Fishing: Think "catch and release." A healthy Mono County fisheries system needs healthy fish. Keep only what you need release the rest to reproduce, grow, and become a Trophy Trout. 

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Fish Planting Schedule
Sotcher, Starkweather and San Joaquin River, Middle Fork are listed under Madera County. For recorded information, call (855) 887-1275. 

The Town of Mammoth Lakes also typically stocks the Mammoth Lakes Basin lakes and Mammoth Creek every season. 

Local Guide's Fishing Reports:

Marinas and Lakes Fishing Reports:

Analytical Reports:


Quagga Mussel Prevention - Crowley Lake Read here about the efforts by Caltrout and the CADFW to help restore the native and very drought-resilient Lahontan Cutthroat Trout