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More than 90% of Mono County is public land.  Much of that is open to hunting.  California state hunting seasons and regulations information can be found on the Department of Fish & Game website.

Deer & Bear

(mule deer, American black bear)

Archery season begins 2nd Saturday in August for three weeks *(seasons vary – visit the California Fish and Game website above, for accurate dates)Rifle season begins 3rd Saturday in September for three weeks*

Deer hunting tip: a midseason snow helps

Bear hunting tip: stay well outside of town limits

Popular areas: Green Creek, Buckeye, Lobdaell Lake


(teals, mallards)

Season - 1st Saturday in October to last Sunday in January*

Popular areas: Bishop Reservoir, East Walker River, Crowley Lake, Owen's River, Hot Creek, Alkali Ponds, Lee Vining Creek

Desert Bighorn Sheep

(White Mountains)

Limited tags are issued

If you get one of the few tags, reserve a guide early


(Bishop and Lone Pine areas)

Upland Game Birds

Season – 3rd Saturday in October to last Sunday in January*

Mourning doves, California quail – high plains, springs, creeks

Chukar – higher elevations – White Mountains

Sage grouse – by permit only (2nd weekend in Sept)

Popular areas, 760-872-1171

Slinkard/Little Antelope Valley Wildlife Area (WA)

West Walker River WA

Pickel Meadow WA

East Walker River WA

By Day Creek Ecological Reserve (ER)

Green Creek WA

River Springs Lakes ER

Fish Slough ER

Small Game

Jackrabbits (all year)

Other rabbits/hares (July 1 – last Sunday in January)

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