Yosemite Half Dome

Important Info for 2024

Important information for anyone planning to visit Yosemite National Park, Reds Meadow and Devils Postpile, and/or June Lake beach this year.

California’s Great Beyond

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Welcome to the Eastern Sierra Spirits and Ale Trail, where the artistry of craft brewing and distilling intertwines with the rugged beauty of the Eastern Sierra, creating a sensory adventure like no other. A collaboration created in 2023, the Trail includes eight establishments from Bishop to

The Eastern Sierra of California has long been an iconic destination. From the indigenous Paiute people to early gold miners of Bodie, this area has attracted and enchanted wanderers and wonderers of all types. This larger-than-life landscape of deserts and mountains, alpine forests, and spectacular

When can I see the fall colors?

Mono County’s varied elevations – from approximately 5,00 to nearly 12,000 feet – means the trees peak in color at different times, starting in the highest elevations and working their way down. Because of this, Mono County typically has one of the longest fall

Best Fall Running Races

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Every fall in Mono County, there are three running races with breathtaking (figuratively and literally) views to choose from. All three are fundraising events supporting great causes, too.

Join the Mono Lake Committee on Sunday, September 10th for the 41st annual Tioga Pass Run and enjoy one of the

Knowing where and where to see the spectacle requires planning — and patience.

The blazing spectacle that is the changing foliage colors in the Eastern Sierra is the most reliable show in Mono County, although only in the sense that it happens every year. Exactly when Mother Nature decides to dress

Top 4 timing tips for fall colors

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Aficionados of the changing colors of fall foliage might be surprised to learn that the longest-lasting and most diverse autumn in North America isn’t in New England. It’s in California’s Eastern Sierra, including Mono County, where the impressive range of elevation (from 5,000 feet to nearly

The dramatic scenery of Mono County’s Eastern Sierra is the stuff that Instagram dreams are made of... silver granite peaks, white snowfields, evergreen forests, golden high desert landscapes, crystal-clear waters and a stunning western sky all come together with a dash of history and magic to