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Top 4 timing tips for fall colors

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Aficionados of the changing colors of fall foliage might be surprised to learn that the longest-lasting and most diverse autumn in North America isn’t in New England. It’s in California’s Eastern Sierra, including Mono County, where the impressive range of elevation (from 5,000 feet to nearly

The dramatic scenery of Mono County’s Eastern Sierra is the stuff that Instagram dreams are made of... silver granite peaks, white snowfields, evergreen forests, golden high desert landscapes, crystal-clear waters and a stunning western sky all come together with a dash of history and magic to

Best High Elevation Endurance Events

Monday, June 19, 2023

Time to start training! Several high elevation endurance events happen throughout the year in Mono County, and with breathtaking (figuratively and literally) views, we know you'll agree they're worth it!

Called the "toughest race in the most beautiful place", the June Lake Triathlon is happening