California’s Eastern Sierra

Wildfire Prevention

Smokey Bear said it best: Only YOU can prevent wildfires!

Mono County is home to about 95% public land, with vast forested wilderness, alpine meadows and high desert terrain. The beautiful landscape and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities are a big reason why people choose to visit or live here. These simple rules will help keep our paradise safe from fire devastation:

  • If camp fires and stoves are allowed:
    • Get a free, mandatory campfire permit at a local visitor center or by visiting
    • Prepare the area: clear all sticks, pine cones and other flammable materials five feet in all directions from the campfire.
    • Keep a shovel and a bucket of water nearby.
    • Keep campfires small.
    • Never leave campfire or lit camp stove unattended. Ever.
    • Do NOT build a campfire if it is windy. 
    • Ensure your campfire is completely extinguished before you leave. Drown it, stir it, feel it - douse the fire with water, stir the ashes, and make sure nothing is still smoldering below the surface.
  • Other considerations: 
    • ​Fire pits: there may also be restrictions on wood burning fire pits at private, residential properties. Please check with the local fire department. 
    • Charcoal grills: there may also be restrictions on charcoal grills located at public parks. Please check with the local fire department or be aware of signage posted at the park.
    • Be aware of where you park. Hot mufflers and catalytic converters can easily ignite brush on fire. Maintain your vehicle's brakes and tire pressure. Blowouts and scraping metal cause sparks. If towing, make sure nothing is dragging.
    • Personal fireworks are prohibited in Mono County. Local fire departments supervise public fireworks displays on Independence Day in Mammoth Lakes, Crowley Lake and Bridgeport. 

Questions? Please call us at 800-845-7922.