Updated 8/2/23

Great news! Tioga Pass has FULLY REOPENED as of Saturday, July 22, at 8:00 am! 

Yosemite National Park opened Tioga Road (the continuation of Highway 120 through the park) to vehicles on Saturday, July 22, at 8 am.

Please note: While vault and portable toilets will be available, there will be no water, no store or food service, and no fuel. Be sure to bring all the food and water you need. The visitor center and wilderness center in Tuolumne Meadows will be open.

Tioga Road has some damage, so watch for one-lane sections, with delays up to 15 minutes just east of Olmsted Point.

More good news: Reds Meadow Road is OPEN as of Friday, July 21st at 8:00am!

Red's Meadow Campgrounds: Vista Recreation announced that on August 11, 2023, they plan to open Pumice Flat Family, Pumice Flat Group, and Reds Meadow campgrounds

Visitors are required to use the mandatory shuttle service provided by the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA). There will be no bus service to ESTA stop #8 (see Reds Meadow Shuttle Map).

Please read the Inyo National Forest's news release for more important information regarding visits to Devils Postpile National Monument, Reds Meadow, Rainbow Falls, Reds Meadow Pack Station, etc. 

Previously updated:

The Mammoth Lakes Basin reopened Friday, July 14th at 8:00am. Here are a few details from the Inyo National Forest:

  • Lake Mary Road and roads within the Lakes Basin: opened Friday, July 14 at 8:00 a.m.
    • Hazard tree abatement will continue and there will be temporary traffic stops.
    • The only campground open will be Twin Lakes.
    • Coldwater Creek is overflowing. Drive slowly, and do not park in flooded shoulders.
    • Parking is extremely limited. Please check the ESTA website for trolley information.
  • SR 203 reopened to Minaret Vista on Friday, July 14th. Reds Meadow Road will remain closed. Admin access is only allowed past this point as staff continue clearing the road, assessing for damage and conducting trainings before ESTA can begin providing shuttle service. More information will be forthcoming jointly from the Inyo National Forest and Devils Postpile National Monument regarding the reopening of Reds Meadow Road to the public.

Highway 270, the road to Bodie State Historic Park (aka Bodie Ghost Town) is OPEN! As of July 2nd, the park's phone and internet service is down and they are only able to accept cash. Please plan ahead with cash, gas, water, food, sun protection, etc. before you visit. All other roads to Bodie, including Cottonwood Canyon Road, are still currently closed. 

Please check road conditions prior to travel and be be mindful when driving. In some areas, water is flowing over roadways, and rocks or other debris may wash down with rain and snowmelt. Deer have returned to the area and bears are awake - please watch for migrating wildlife and store your food properly! 

Summer is slowly creeping up in elevation in Mono County after an incredible record-setting winter and well above average snowfall. As the snow melts, conditions are changing quickly. Roads, campgrounds, hiking trails, lakes and streams, and other activities are starting to reopen and thaw out, but many are delayed due to snow and damage. Please see below for current Mono County road conditions, lakes and trails that are snow and ice free, waterfalls that are accessible to view, and a few things to keep in mind as you visit and recreate in Mono County this spring and summer. 

We will do our best to update this page at least bi-weekly. For questions and updates on activities not included here (like mountain biking, golf, horseback riding, etc.) please call us at (800) 845-7922 (Monday through Friday 8am-5pm) or email tourism@mono.ca.gov. Be sure to follow Mono County Tourism on social media at Facebook and Instagram for wildflower sightings and road-reopening announcements, too. 


These are general road conditions, mostly an update for roads that close seasonally. Please always check Caltrans road conditions before travel to Mono County as things can change quickly. 

  • Highway 395 - 1-way controlled traffic at various locations from 1.4 mi north to 1.8 mi north of the Jct of SR 89 (Mono Co) - Due to storm repairs.
  • Highway 270 to Bodie State Historic Park - open as of 7/1/23. All other roads into Bodie are closed or impassable. Internet is down so cash only.
  • Monitor Pass (89) - open as of 5/12/23
  • June Lake Loop (158) - fully open as of 4/27/23
  • Sonora Pass (108) - open as of 6/9/23.  
  • Highway 167 - open
  • Highway 6 - open
  • Highway 182 & NV 338 - open as of 5/24/23 Nevada Road Conditions 
  • Highway 120 E (Mono Mills to Benton) - open from Lee Vining and Benton.
  • Benton Crossing Road - open. Please drive slowly, debris on the road from flooding. 
  • Tioga Pass (120 W) - open as of 7/22/23
  • Highway 203 to Minaret Vista - open as of 7/21/23
  • Highway 203 past Mammoth Mountain, and Reds Meadow Road (Minaret Vista to Devils Postpile and Reds Meadow and Rainbow Falls) - open as of 7/21/23. Please check NPS./gov/depo for updates and mandatory shuttle information. .
  • Rock Creek Road is open. Some flooding and snow higher up. Please be cautious and don't park in the roadway. 
  • Virginia Lakes Road - open.
  • Cemetery Road in Lee Vining - Closed from the cemetery to Black Point Road (due to flooding).
  • Lundy Lake Road is open to the resort (resort is private property and closed, please do not approach buildings). 
  • Saddlebag Lake Road - open. 
  •  Inyo National Forest - new Road Closures issued 6/15/23
  • Lake Mary Road and roads within the Lakes Basin: open as of Friday, July 14 at 8:00 a.m.

    • Hazard tree abatement will continue and there will be temporary traffic stops.
    • The only campground open will be Twin Lakes.
    • Coldwater Creek is overflowing. Drive slowly, and do not park in flooded shoulders.​
    • ​Parking is extremely limited. Please check the ESTA website for trolley information.
  • Caltrans snow removal and emergency repair updates
  • Caltrans Road Information - look up by highway number. 
  • Mono County Road Information 
  • Weather and road conditions can change quickly any time of the year. Please always check Mono County weather and road conditions before travel in the Eastern Sierra. 


  • Creeks and streams are running high and fast. Be careful of flooding as temperatures rise and snowmelt increases. Additional information can be found at Ready.Mono.gov.


  • Campground map
  • Inyo National Forest campground statuses can be found here - some are open, but many are delayed due to snow and damage. Twin Lakes Campground in Mammoth Lakes is expected to open 7/14. The other Mammoth Lakes Basin campgrounds are not yet open. 
  • Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, and Tioga Pass Campgrounds - please follow the link for updates. 
  • Most campgrounds on the Bridgeport Ranger District of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest are open. Please call the Bridgeport Ranger Station for current openings or visit recreation.gov for reservations.
  • Rock Creek Canyon Campgrounds - please follow the link for updates. Rock Creek Lake campground is open. Pine Grove and Upper Pine Grove campgrounds are also both open. Iris Meadow and Big Meadow will probably remain closed this season due to high water levels in the creek.
  • Lundy Canyon Campground is open (cash only, no reservations). 
  • Most privately-owned RV parks in Mono County are also open and offer extra amenities like hook-ups.
  • Please visit Camp Like a Pro for updates, fire restrictions, and other camping information. 


  • Leavitt Falls - Sonora Pass (108) is open. There is a look out area that may have snow and limited parking, please use caution.  
  • Horsetail Falls in June Lake - this waterfall can be seen from the June Lake Loop (158) and points along the road. 
  • Twin Falls in Mammoth Lakes - this waterfall can be seen from the Twin Falls parking area off Lake Mary Road, and from the Tamarack Lodge area. There is still some snow around the lake and the water is moving extremely fast (strong current).  
  • Rainbow Falls - accessible. Please check NPS./gov/depo for updates and mandatory shuttle information. 
  • Flowers are blooming! Additional information on wildflowers and waterfalls can be found here

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